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About us

PREMIUM TOBACCO is an online shop offering tobacco leaves with a long tradition. We are recognized on European tobacco market. Our activity focuses on gaining and selling best quality unprocessed tobacco. Are you in need of finding a shop where you can buy tobacco leaves which satisfy the most sophisticated taste? You found the right place – come in and enjoy our propositions.

We are here for you. We are aware that you expect exceptional products which match your needs. We understand that you are not used to scrapping the bottom of the barrel. You value good quality and expect it to be essential for others too. We are focused on our clients and care for their relaxation and convenience.

Consumers worldwide have been enjoying the taste of our products for years. We are not just a shop with tobacco leaves. What we do is not just selling products, but memories and sensations. Due to careful attention to detail and best quality we have come to the place we are now. We operate in many European countries and recently we started business also in Germany. We know the significance of reliable products and for that reason we focus on quality, humidity level and cleanliness of all the products in our offer. We pay close attention to unprocessed tobacco throughout the whole production process. We control collecting tobacco at our suppliers and create the best conditions to transport it to our storehouses. This enables maintaining natural smell, humidity and characteristic qualities of tobacco which are desired by customers worldwide in tobacco leaves, tobacco blend and strips. Careful supervision and perfect cooperation with our cooperants results in dried tobacco of PREMIUM TOBACCO qualities which is available in our shop.

Among our products there are Tobacco leaves both in their original form and in form of strips. Due to the variety of our offer every customer will find something which will satisfy their needs. Strips types include:

Virginia Lemon Strips – prepared from carefully selected Virginia leaves, light yellow, have delicate sweet taste

Virginia Full Flavor Strips – similar to Virginia Lemon Strips, however, they have a slightly darker color

Virginia Medium Strips– another Virginia strips type, different color but similar taste

American Blend – American mixture of three tobacco types, characteristic strong taste

Medium Blend – flavor mixture composed of eight tobacco types, valued by European consumers in particular

Turkey Blend – our flagship mixture, also made of eight tobacco types, mainly dark

There are also some types of tobacco leaves available in our warehouses:

Virginia Leaves – light tobacco, has a low level of nicotine and high level of sugar, used mostly in cigarette mixtures. We distinguish two classes depending on the color

Burley Leaves –for producing moderately strong tobacco, brown color and intense aroma similar to the cigar

Dark & Strong Leaves – used for production strong tobacco, dark color and deep flavor

You are also welcome to purchase tobacco tamping devices, cutting machines and Trezo slicers. Please find more information in sections “Unprocessed tobacco” and “Accessories”.


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